According to the principles governing Anishinaabe Child & Family Services, ACFS offers a wide-range of programs and services to the children and families of Anishinaabe Child & Family Services region, and families of other first nations who request our services. Each year, we continue to evolve and develop to meet our community’s changing needs.

Principles Governing Child and Family Services

Child and Family Services work under a number of basic beliefs, or principles. Chief among them is that the best interests of the child are the primary consideration in service operation.

Legislation governing child and family services generally incorporates and reflects these principals however Manitoba law goes much further than this. In the Child and Family Services Act the principals are stated at the very beginning and the legislation then spells out how they are to be applied and put into practice. The Declaration of Principles is intended to guide those who operate services and administer the Act.

The Declaration of Principles is as follows

  • The best interests of children are a fundamental responsibility of society.
  • The family is the basic unit of society and its well being should be supported and preserved.
  • The family is the basic source of care, nurture and acculturation of children and parents have the primary responsibility to ensure the well-being of their children.
  • Families and children have the right to the least interference with their affairs to the extent compatible with the best interests of children and the responsibilities of society.
  • Children have a right to a continuous family environment in which they can flourish.
  • Families and children are entitled to be informed of their rights and to participate in the decisions affecting those rights.
  • Families are entitled to receive preventive and supportive services directed to preserving the family unity.
  • Families are entitled to services that respect their cultural and linguistic heritage.
  • Decisions to remove or place children should be based on the best interests of the child and not on the basis of the family’s financial status.
  • Communities have a responsibility to promote the best interests of the children and families and have the right to participate in services to the families and children.
  • Indian bands are entitled to the provision of child and family services in a manner that respects their unique status as aboriginal peoples.
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