Anishinaabe Child and Family Services (ACFS) is one of ten agencies within the Southern First Nations Network of Care mandated to provide programs and services to our people that protect our children, promote family wellness, and strengthen our community.

Mission Statement

The Agency will deliver mandated child and family services and programs in a manner which will maintain and strengthen the individual, the family, and the First Nations community within the context of aboriginal values and customs.

Agency Philosophy

The child is a precious gift from the Creator who has entrusted the family of the child with the sacred duty to love, protect, and nurture this child in ways of the First Nations people.


Anishinaabe Child  & Family Services evolved from the signing of the Canada – Manitoba Indian Child Welfare Agreement in February 1982 and Subsidiary Agreement of August 1982.

Anishinaabe Child & Family Services was created as athe result of an agreement between the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba and the Brotherhood of Indian Nations to faciliate increased Band participation and responsibility in the provision of child and family service and also to prove a framework for the establishment of guiding principles and funding for the fulfillment of such responsibilities.

In 1986 pursuant to the Tripartite Master Agreement, the Province of Manitoba mandated Anishinaabe Child & Family Services. Thus, Anishinaabe Child & Family Services was officially recognized with duties and powers to deliver child and family services pursuant to the Child & Family Services Act in Manitoba.

The original composition of Anishinaabe Child & Family Services consisted of eight (8) Bands: JACKHEAD, FISHER RIVER, PEGUIS, DAUPHIN RIVER, FAIRFORD, LAKE ST.MARTIN, LITTLE SASKATCHEWAN and LAKE MANITOBA. DAKOTA TIPI was later included by Order of Council.

In 1987, the nine (9) Bands decided to become two entities: Anishinaabe East Side and Anishinaabe West Side. The West Side comprised of DAUPHIN RIVER, FAIRFORD, LAKE ST.MARTIN, LITTLE SASKATCHEWAN and LAKE MANITOBA.

Today, these five (5) Bands continue to carry the original Anishinaabe Child & Family Services Mandate as the other original bands have formed their own agencies.


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