After Hours


On Reserve

ACFS is the DIA for Area 1 from Mulvihill to Devil’s Lake, currently there is after hours on call coverage provided by ACFS on reserve program.

The Agency currently utilizes Tiger Tel answering service for all after hour’s calls.  Tiger Tel will refer the Intake to the on-call CFS worker for assessment.  The on-call worker will consult with the on-call Supervisor as required.  All afterhours workers, work on a rotating basis on evenings and weekends.  On the next working day the intakes are forwarded to the appropriate unit for further follow-up. There are 2 on call workers available every day, due to the large geographical area.  On call workers can be reached at the local office phone numbers which you will be directed to the agency answering service.


ANCR provides the coverage.  ANCR is provided with a list of contacts in case further information is requires.  For after hour emergencies please call 204-944-4050.

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